A. American sedans and hardtops. Station wagons, convertibles, pickups, 4X4s and Corvettes not allowed. Rear wheel drive only.
B. 107-inch wheel base minimum. No more than 1" difference from side to side.

        1. Factory production complete full frame, 1960 or newer parallel frame American passenger car, or unibody car only.
        2. Unibody cars must connect front and rear with a minimum 2" X 3", min. .120 tubing, "X" braced for roll cage attachment.
        3. Chassis must remain unaltered, Reinforcement may be added to mount fuel cell.
        4. MINIMUM 3400 LBS weight at all times with driver.


  1. Full steel bodies: must be stock appearing. OEM panels only with stock OEM dimensions.
  2. All body parts must remain stock appearing and must remain in place unless otherwise approved by tech-man. All hole patches must be steel of the same gauge as original panel. NO aluminum.
  3. Race car's appearance should be kept neat and clean at all times.
  4. Fenders may be trimmed and rolled for tire clearance.
  5. No uncovered holes in hood or trunk.
  6. Dashboards may be removed, providing the steering column is secured and remains in stock location.
  7. Stock firewall mandatory. NO removing of ANY OEM floor pan.
  8. All chrome, glass and trim pieces must be removed from body panels.
  9. All interior trim must be removed. Interior door sheet metal may be trimmed to allow for roll cage.
  10. Doors must be securely fastened.
  11. Stock radiator support must be retained and in stock location.
  12. Windshield opening must have a minimum of three (3) 1/4" solid steel or 1/2" tubing in front of driver for protection.
  13. Bumpers must be stock appearing and be braced to prevent hooking to other cars but not to exceed the width of outside tires.
  14. All cars will be numbered with a minimum of 18" numbers on both sides and top of car. NO RELFECTIVE NUMBERS! Numbers to contrast body color.
  15. Sunroofs and "T" tops must be enclosed with steel.
  16. Front and rear after market, OEM looking, bumper covers allowed. NO late model looking covers. If you have ANY questions, consult tech before purchase.

A. Small block V8 engine with flattop or dished pistons only. Maximum 150 psi compression. Make to make only! GM to GM, Ford to Ford, ect. No race parts allowed. NO aluminum blocks.
B. Cylinder Heads: Steel only.  Must be unaltered approved OEM and minimum 76 cc combustion chamber.  Only GM OEM approved header numbers are: 14079267, 3986336, 3986339, and 3986339 X, 3986388, 3932441, 376445, 3928454, 3932454, 3876487, 3973487, and 3973487 X, 3973493, 3951598, 468642, 330862, 333882, 3998920, 3998991, 3998993, 3998997, and 3970126.  Maximum size valves on these heads are 2.02 inch intake and 1.60 inch exhaust.  May use engine Quest (EQ) Stock Replacement (SR) cylinder head, part number CH3501, head must remain as produced, seat angles and valve sizes can not be changed: three angle valve job only (absolutely no casting removal in valve pocket of EQ head, for any reason):  Ford - no after market or SVO heads: Chrysler – no after market or W-2 heads, 360 cubic inch heads only.  No porting, polishing or alternations of any kind to heads or intake, disqualification and $250 fine if illegal.  OEM non-roller rocker arms only.  GM – 1.250 inch maximum O.D. valve spring, no beehive valve springs allowed.  Guide plates and screw-in shouldered studs (0.375 inch max) allowed.  No stud girdles.  Poly locks allowed.
C. Engine must remain in stock location.
D. Cast iron single carb & aftermarket aluminum intake manifolds allowed.
E. One 500 CFM #4412 Holley carburetor only, 4 barrel carb ok, all cars with a 4 barrel carb must run a restrictor plate, available at S.O. Speedway. Choke tower must remain in stock position and configuration. Choke butterfly and shaft may be removed. Max 1.378 venturi bore DO NOT REMOVE OR ALTER THE AIR HORN. May run 1-11/16" carb adapter, including gaskets. Dual throttle return springs mandatory.
F. Any hydraulic camshaft. NO rollers.
G. Aftermarket headers allowed
H. OEM stock rocker arms Mandatory. No roller rockers or roller tips.
I. NO electronic traction control or timing control devices of any kind.
J. Pump gasoline fuel only. No alcohol or additives.
k. Stock OEM ignition only. No racing type distributors.

  3. One unaltered steel, non-take apart, OEM-mount shock, in OEM location per wheel. NO STRUTS. One OEM spring per wheel, NO spacers allowed.
  4. Steering stock OEM to make.
  5. NO rack and pinion. NO quickeners.
  6. NO screw jacks.
  8. All components and mounts must be steel, unaltered, OEM, in OEM location and match frame. NO weight jacks.
  9. One OEM steel spring per wheel, mounted in OEM location. All coil springs must be a minimum of 4.5 inches OD. NO spacers allowed.
  10. One unaltered steel, non-take apart, OEM-mount shock, in OEM location, per wheel. NO STRUTS.
  11. Any leaf spring car will be stack leaf ONLY. No mono or composite leafs or sliders.
  12. Springs must be mounted in symmetrical (the same) location or position from left to right.
  13. Rear suspension components must be stock for year, make and model of car used.
  14. $50 shock claim

A. OEM rear-end only. Make to make.
B. No aluminum housings or carriers.
C. Open-mini spool or welded spider gears ONLY.
D. 9 inch Ford rear end ok with drum brakes. All components and mounts must be steel, unaltered, OEM, in OEM locations and match frame. OEM rubber control arm bushings only. Center of rear lower control arm bolt hole must be 2.25 to 2.50 inches from bottom of housing. No independent rear suspension. No sway bars, panhard bars, spring spacers, extensions, chains or cables.
A. OEM standard or automatic transmission ONLY. Make to make. Must have at least two (2) forward and one (1) reverse gear.
B. All automatic transmissions must run stock OEM converter.
C. Standard transmissions must run steel or iron flywheels and standard 10 1/2-11" OEM clutch. NO after market racing clutches. Any steel or iron flywheel okay.
D. 180 degree scatter-shield made of 1/4" steel plate MANDATORY on both automatic and standard transmissions. No aluminum bell housings. Bell housing must have opening for tech inspection.

  1. Any radiator okay including aluminum. MUST remain in stock location.
  2. All radiators must have overflow hose directed at ground inside frame rail.

A. High-back left turn aluminum seat only. No fiberglass seats. No baja seats, stock seats, etc.
B. Seat MUST be mounted to roll cage no further back than "B" pillar and secured to frame. If no “B” pillar, back of seat can not be mounted any further back then the edge of the door.
C. 5-point seat belt MANDATORY. No old, faded, or fraying seat belts. 3"inch lap and shoulder harness MANDATORY. All belts must be in good appearing condition.
D. Belts must be mounted to roll cage or frame.

    1. minimum metal thickness. Must be securely welded to Roll cages must consist of continuous hoops not less than 1.75 inches outside diameter and must have a wall thickness of at least .095 inches.
    2. Cages must be mounted to frame in at least six places. Roll bar padding in driver's compartment is required. Driver's head cannot protrude above cage with helmet on and driver strapped in drivers seat. Must have at least one cross bar in top halo of roll cage.
    3. Low carbon, mild steel tubing is recommended. No brazing or soldering.
    4. A minimum of four driver's side door bars; three (3) on passenger side at least 1 1/2" OD and must be as parallel with the ground as possible and perpendicular to the driver to provide maximum protection. The sidebars must be welded to the front and rear of the roll cage members. Steel left door- plate is required: 18-guage or .049 inch outside of door bars on driver's side. Plate must cover the area from the top of door bar to the bottom door bar and from the rear down post to five inches in front of the seat.
    5. No brace bars forward of the cage may be higher than hood height. Main cage no further forward than the engine plate.
    6. Roll bars cannot alter geometry of car in any manner.


  1. Any steel wheel, maximum 8" wide. Racing wheels are optional but recommended.
  2. Full double centers: 3/16" plate.
  3. Stud size: minimum 1/2"; must stick through lug nut. 1" lug nuts mandatory on all four wheels.
  4. NO bead-locks, screws or other tire locking devices allowed.
  5. Used tires only!! Any USED G60 (704 compound) tire. Rear tires must match side to side. Must have 25lbs pressure after race
  6. The G60 must have been legal at SOS at one time. Any questions can be directed to TECH official.


  1. Rotors and calipers must be stock or stock replacement type ONLY. NO aluminum brake parts. Rear brakes must be OEM, drum or disc.

B. Vented rotors mandatory.
C. OEM pedal assemblies in stock location.

  1. Must have working brakes on demand, on ALL four (4) wheels.
  2. NO shut off valves allowed. All brake lines must be outside of drivers compartment.

A. Helmets are required and must be rated Snell 2000 or newer or similar quality. Helmet must be worn at all times while on the track and must accompany the vehicle at time of inspection. Approved fire retardant driving suits, neck braces, and gloves must be worn by all drivers. Fire retardant shoes are highly recommended.
B. Full size (16x20) window net is required unless arm restraints are used.

  1. A clearly marked "on & off" switch within easy reach of the driver is required.
  2. A 360-degree drive shaft loop is required and must be made of  1/4 x 2 inch steel strap or 1 inch tubing. Must be mounted within six inches of the front of the drive shaft. Drive shafts must be painted white and must be made of steel.
  3. All cars must have a minimum 2 1/2lb fire extinguisher mounted in a quick release bracket that is within easy access of driver.
  4. All cars must have a hook, chain, or eye welded to the front and rear of the car for quick and easy removal from the track. Failures to do so will result in a fine of $25.00.
  5. Racing fuel cells are required and must be mounted by at least two (2) solid steel straps that are a minimum of 2 x 1/8 inches. Fuel cells must be mounted in steel containers and must be mounted securely behind the rear axle. Fuel cells must be protected by roll cage tubing, which extends past both sides of the fuel cell. Fuel cells must have a rollover valve in the vent. Fuel cells must be mounted at least 4 inches from rear bumper and cannot have the fuel pick-up underneath the cell.
  6. All fuel lines must be mounted outside of drivers compartment or be encase in a steel pipe.

I. Exhaust system must be mounted so that gasses are directed away from cockpit and any area where a fuel spill could occur.
J. Batteries must be mounted securely, shielded properly and enclosed in a leak proof box if in the drivers compartment..
K. Any weight added must be made of steel or lead, securely mounted to roll cage or frame and secured with minimum two 1/2" bolts per weight, and must be painted white with the car number on it.
A. OEM type fuel pump only. No electric fuel pumps. Fuel must be in stock location. NO regulators or return lines.
B. Engine must start on it's own.
C. Battery must be mounted behind driver or in trunk compartment, securely mounted in a sealed marine type box.
D. Steel driveline (minimum 2.5 inch diameter) MANDATORY. Must be painted white and must have a strap within 6 inches from front: 1/4" x 2" strap or 1" tubing, 360 degrees minimum.
E. 3500 lbs MINIMUM weight with driver AT ALL TIMES.

Engine tear down $300, paid by person protesting before it’s done, if car is illegal, driver will be fined $100 and points earned to date taken away.