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Lower body of a man refueling a car

Talk to people about the Covid-19 pandemic and most of what you’ll hear are complaints or negative reactions to it. Truly, this pandemic has affected us all, and not in a good way. All industries are fighting their own battles to try to make their businesses survive.

What if I told you that although the pandemic has brought a lot of negativity to the masses, you as a gas service provider could turn things around. Instead of moping around the negativity, you can use it to your advantage.

What is the main priority of your customers in the presence of the pandemic? Well, it’s their safety of course. COVID-19 is deadly and although they need gas, they would rather go to gas stations where they feel safer. Here’s how you can do that:

Use Signs

Do you require customers to wear masks when inside your convenience store? If you do, then put up that sign. Some people become more confident to buy something from your convenience store if they see that you prioritize safety. That is just one way to improve sales from your convenience store.

If they see that you implement such rules, they’ll be more confident that they are of lesser risk to buy something from you. Additionally, make sure your employees follow your signs too.

Signs for social distancing would also be great. Additionally, your employees must also implement them in a courteous manner. They can remind the customers by pointing out the signs or by waving the signs.

Apart from the signs, you can also create physical barriers to keep the distance. You may even place markers on the ground to help them know where to stand while in the queue.

Make sure your employees also practice this so that when customers see them, they’ll also know that the rules apply to everyone else.

Provide Hand Sanitizers And Free Masks

If your customers don’t have masks, your employees can kindly point them to the area where they can get a free one. In that way, they can go inside your convenience store and make the purchase.

Hand sanitizers also add another level of protection. When they see that you are one with them to stop the spread, they are likely to feel comfortable buying gas and other stuff from your station.

Use Freebies As A Marketing Tool

Make the best out of the situation. We all know that you have to lessen contact amongst customers so if you must make them use a pen, let them take it home. Add your gas station’s name or logo on the pen and use it as advertising. New pens for each customer who needs to use them is a great advertising tool.


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